Petrčane is a nice small village located between two cities with long tradition and famous history: Zadar and Nin. It is known for its numerous beaches, clear sea and pine woods reaching all  the way to the  water  and providing cool shadow.

Petrčane attracts more and more tourists  and is recognized as one of the leading holiday  destinations in the Zadar area and beyond. It is known for its apartment and hotel accommodation, camps and  great local food.

In the old time, the people in Petrčane lived from agriculture and fishing. The most common agricultural crops were olives and grapes. The tradition of wine growing in Petrčane lives on through the Royal vineyards (Kraljevski vinogradi), a must  for wine lovers who like fresh fruity wines, dishes prepared “under the bell” (Croatian: ispod peke) and other local food, and enjoy relaxed atmosphere and a gorgeous view of the Zadar channel and islands.